AICTE Internship 2023: State Wise Internship List, Apply Online, Last Date

Institutions are under a lot of pressure to update the education they provide to meet the demands and expectations of the industry. The employment market is becoming increasingly competitive, and gaining entry-level positions is becoming increasingly challenging since students graduating from technical schools lack the experience and abilities necessary for the industry. The AICTE has launched several initiatives to promote industrial internships in technical institutes at the graduate level. With the support of notable academicians, the AICTE has developed a model curriculum to ensure that the country produces competent, employable graduates who meet the needs of the industry. Read below to check the detailed information related to AICTE Internship 2023 like Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, Duration of Internship and Academic Credentials, Registration Procedures, Find the Internship, and much more.  

AICTE Internship
AICTE Internship

About AICTE Internship 2023

Creating an internship policy is a powerful method for developing the industry’s future talent pool. The AICTE Internship not only assists recent graduates in getting professional experience but also benefits corporations by providing new viewpoints on business difficulties and potentially identifying future company leaders. Technical institutions’ interactions with industry have traditionally been limited to faculty communications and 2 to 4-hour industrial visits by students. At various stages of the program, the model program involves a six-month internship for participants. 

AICTE has prepared this Model Internship Guidelines for organizing internships at the degree and diploma levels with this in mind. The MoUs signed by the AICTE with various ministries, government, non-government, and private entities to support internships is also featured. The internship experience will supplement the outcome-based learning process and develop distinct characteristics in a student that align with the NBA’s graduation criteria.

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Objectives of AICTE Internship

Internships are educational and career-development programs that give you hands-on experience in a particular field or discipline. They supervise, and control, short-term placements that generally focus on certain activities or projects with set deadlines. An internship might compensate, uncompensated, or partially compensated. The following are the anticipated internship training objectives:

  • It improves the employability skills of students graduating from technical schools.
  • It will introduce technical trainees to an industrial setting that cannot replicate in the classroom, resulting in industry-ready professionals.
  • Also, it provides opportunities to learn, grasp, and refine the technical managerial skills needed on the job in real time.
  • Awareness of current technological advancements that are relevant to the training subject.
  • Create an environment that encourages the pursuit of knowledge and its application in the work.
  • The ‘Industrial Internship’ experience gained in the classroom will utilize in classroom discussions.

Benefits of AICTE Internship 

Some of the key benefits of the AICTE Internship 2022-23 for various categories are as follows:

  1. AICTE Internship Benefits for the Student
  • Possibility of being hired by the industry/organization
  • Excellent opportunity to observe how theoretical concepts acquired in class are used in the real world.
  • Work experience in an organizational context
  • Possibility of gaining new skills and expanding knowledge
  • On-the-job training provides far more professional experience, which is typically more valuable than classroom instruction.
  • Assists them in determining whether the sector and profession are the greatest career options for them
  • Learn time management, multitasking, and other methods in an industrial setting
  • A chance to build on communication and teamwork skills
  • The chance to meet new individuals and practice networking
  1. AICTE Internship Benefits for the Industry
  • Availability of applicants for employment who are willing to participate
  • Availability of highly competent pre-professionals all year
  • The availability of qualified candidates for temporary or seasonal employment and projects
  • The organization’s visibility on campus has increased.
  • Allowing industry workers to pursue more innovative projects
  • When it comes to issuing solving, students bring fresh insights
  • Proven, cost-effective method of recruiting and evaluating candidates
  • Access to a flexible, cost-effective workforce that does not need a long-term commitment from the company
  • Contributing to the educational enterprise improves the employer’s reputation in the community
  • Improves their chances of getting into college.
  • This is an excellent addition to their resume.
  • Establishing a network and social circle, as well as cultivating contacts with industry professionals.
  •  Allows you to assess the organization before committing to a full-time position.
  1. AICTE Internship Benefits for the Institute:
  • Improve labor relations.
  • Increase institutional credibility and brand awareness.
  • Facilitates the placement process.
  • Based on feedback from the industry and students, curriculum revisions can be implemented.
  • Enhancement of the teaching-learning process
  • Assists pupils in staying in school.

Duration of Internship and Academic Credentials

To award academic credit for the internship completed as part of the program, the following approach is proposed.

  • Internship / Project work /  Entrepreneurial activities / Seminar and Inter/ Intra Institutional Training can be counted for 14-20 credits for a B. Tech. degree program and 10-14 credits toward a three-year diploma program.
  • A minimum of 40-45 hours of labor is required for each credit. As a result, a full-time intern should anticipate devoting 40 to 45 hours per week to internships, training, project work, and seminar activities, among other things. This will result in a total internship period of 600 to 700 hours for B. Tech students and 450-500 hours for diploma students.
  • Internships can be full-time or part-time; full-time internships are available during the summer vacation and part-time internships are available during the academic year. The AICTE program is adaptable in terms of internship length. As a result, opportunities for experiences that cannot be foreseen when organizing the course must be supplied.
  • Internships, Project work, Seminars, and other activities can be scheduled according to the availability of opportunities by the institutes.

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Steps to Register on the AICTE portal

Applicants need to follow the below-given steps to register on the AICTE portal 

Steps to Register on the AICTE portal
AICTE Internship Official Website
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen.
  • Click on the Register button
Steps to Register on the AICTE portal
  • Once you will click on the register button, the registration form will open on the screen
  • Now, fill in the form with all the required details
  • University/College/Institute Name 
  • University/College/Institute Type 
  • Institute State/UT
  • Select State
  • Institute City
  • HOI Name
  • Region
  • Name
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Address, etc
  • Now, review and recheck the application form to avoid any mistakes
  • Finally, click on the Register button to complete the registration process

Steps to Login on the Portal 

Applicants need to follow the below-given steps to Login into the Portal 

Steps to Login on the Portal 
Official Website
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen.
  • Click on the Login Button.
Steps to Login on the Portal 
  • Once you will click on the Login button, the login page will open on the screen
  • Now, enter your registered Email and the Password
  • After that enter the captcha code
  • Finally, click on the login button to get logged in to your registered account.

Steps to Find the Internship on the AICTE portal

To Find the Internship on the AICTE portal, applicants need to follow the below-given steps:

Step to Find the Internship on the AICTE portal
Official Website
  • The homepage of the website will open on the screen.
  • Click on the Find an Internship option
  • Enter the Company name or Internship Name 
  • Now, enter your preferred city
  • After that click on the Search button to find your preferred internships 

Role of Training and Placement Cell in Providing Internships

A specialized Training and Placement Cell, led by the Training and Placement Officer, is needed for all AICTE-approved institutes (TPO). TPO plays a crucial part in advancing students’ careers in any institute. The Training and Placement Officer’s job is to help students choose the correct career and to design programs and activities to improve knowledge, skill, attitude, and the right kind of aptitude to satisfy the industry’s personnel needs. The Training & Placement cell’s general role is to facilitate and counsel for training and placement-related activities. The sector is on the search for students who are bright, active, and up for a challenge, as well as students who are focused, have a strong academic background, are quick learners, learn even at work, and, most importantly, have solid communication skills.

 Through individual counseling and group sessions, TPO will support students in developing/clarifying their academic and career interests, as well as their short and long-term goals. The placement cell will serve as a point of contact and facilitator for arranging student internships, campus visits, and conducting employer recruitment processes for the deliberate placement of students at the school.

What is the official website to apply for AICTE Internship 2022-23?

The official website to apply for AICTE Internship 2022-23 is

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