AWS Machine learning Scholarship 2023 Registration, Eligibility, and Last date

In this contemporary era, a myriad of applicants struggling only because of a lack of skills, due to which they are unable to find their desired jobs, So to sort out this issue AWS Machine Learning scholarship is organized by Udacity a company of American for-profit educational organization collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to initiate the online learning platform for the interested youth of the globe to power their career in machine concepts by developing machine learning skills, without facing any financial obstacles in their life and helps them to acquire the valuable knowledge of machine training for free, as well as AWS Machine Learning Scholarship Program aid candidates to build their brightest future in Machine Concepts and can contribute for future generation globally.

To know more about the specific scholarship, one should read the article thoroughly and can easily grab the beneficial opportunity run under the AWS Learning Skills Scholarship Scheme. 

WS Machine Learning Scholarship
AWS Machine learning Scholarship

About AWS Machine Learning Scholarship 2023

Udacity joined up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to organize the AWS Machine Learning  Scholarship for the benefit of interested candidates of age 18 and above, in order to make them eligible to deal with machine concepts without facing financial limitations and encourage them to build up their successful career as a Machine operating leader, by enrolling freely in  AWS Machine Learning Scholarship Scheme as well as, candidates will obtain the 3 to 4 months complete course under which they learn about the fundamental steps in the machine learning process, basic of computer vision, reinforcement learning, generative AL, software engineering best practices for data science and how to build python package. After that, the test is conducted for all the candidates to test their acquired knowledge of machines.

Concepts and on the basis of the results, a total of 425 top students will be selected to receive a full Scholarship under the AWS Machine Learning Scholarship project. If applicants eagerly want to develop machine learning leadership skills, so they must enroll in it and gain career beneficial awareness.

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AWS Machine Learning Scholarship

Name AWS Machine Learning Scholarship 
Organized by Udacity Company 
Run under Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Beneficiaries Worldwide Scholars of age 18 or older 
Applying procedureOnline 
Objective To help the interested candidates to develop Object-Oriented Programming Skills
Awards and grants The first 150 students will receive AWS Deeplens devices 2,500 enrolled scholars will get the $ 35 AWS Credits At the end of the assessment 425 finalists, will receive the scholarship for the AWS Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Program. 
Official website AWS Machine learning

Objective of AWS Machine Learning Scholarship

AWS Machine Learning Scholarship is created with the motto, to encourage interested scholarship to gain abundant knowledge and skills about machine concepts, by up-lifting their creativity and ideas in machine skills, hence they will become the machine leaders of tomorrow and serve the future generation globally in machine learning skills.

Benefits of AWS Machine Learning Scholarship

  • In this scholarship, 100 % of the applications will submit and get access to the AWS machine foundation course.
  • Furthermore, 150 successful scholars of the foundation course will get the AWS Deeplens devices.
  • And 2,500  scholars who enrolled in the course will receive $ 35 AWS credits.
  • Moreover, the scholars who complete their foundation course successfully will go through the online quiz assessment. 
  • And at the end of the assessment 450, scholars will be selected for the entire free scholarship and get the opportunity to enroll in the AWS machine Nanodegree program.
  • Under the Nanodegree program, students gain the knowledge of software engineering fundamentals to write production-ready object-oriented programs.
  • In addition to this, scholars learn to deploy machine learning models to a production environment by using Amazon SageMaker.
  • Machine learning case studies to solve real-world Machine Learning tasks.
  • Also, provide a Machine learning capstone lesson to propose a Machine Learning Solution. 
  • Students, who only complete the foundation course will receive a certificate of completion from Udacity.
  • Whereas, the scholars who complete the Nanodegree program will be awarded a Nanodegree Certificate.

Eligibility criteria 

To attain the benefits of the scholarship, one must go through the following eligibility conditions.

  • For the AWS Machine Scholarship, any scholar can apply throughout the world but must be of 18 years or above.
  • Udacity employees have restrictions to applying for scholarships.
  • Scholars must Register on time to enroll in the scholarship and should complete the foundation course and assessment quiz in the given duration to be eligible for the Scholarship.
  • Under the AWS Machine Learning Foundation Course, scholars must invest 3-4 hours on weekly basis for 3.5 months to complete it successfully.
  • After that, 245 selected scholars, will enroll in Nanodegree Engineer Program, in which they should spend 6-7 hours per week for 3 months to complete it on time. So scholars must be free from other pieces of stuff to be eligible for the specific scholarship.

Important dates  

  • In regards to the timeline, scholars will get an update soon, not open yet 

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