GPODS Fellowship 2023: Apply Online, Eligibility & Application Status

GPODS fellowship program is specially built for the people who are taking into account leadership opportunities for the upcoming feature and want to have a one or one discussion with the democrats of the country. You can check out the specifications related to the list of mentors who will be treating you as one of them in this prestigious internship program presented by the organization and start your preparation accordingly. You can check out the specifications related to the GPODS fellowship program given below and we will also with you all the step-by-step procedures to apply online and the specifications related to the eligibility criteria and the application status for your fellowship. 

GPODS Fellowship
GPODS Fellowship

About GPODS Fellowship 2023

A three-month fellowship is provided so that the students can learn about global leadership through the organization of GPODS. The students will be learning from 44 + global leaders in the subjects of public policy diplomacy and sustainability. The students will be interacting with CEOs, diplomats, and world-renowned academics. If you want to become a world leader then this fellowship program will be highly beneficial to you because this fellowship program will be in association with popular world leaders and you will also be provided insights from your favorite and experienced bureaucrats and award-winning authors. There are three courses available for 3 months and 5 workshops are available with 40 + mentors. 

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Important Dates

  • The last date to apply for this fellowship program will update soon

Details Of GPODS Fellowship

The following benefits are available in this scholarship provided by the organization:-

  • Courses- Three intensive online courses and seminars in diplomacy, comparative public administration, and climate change.
  • Workshops- Skill-based workshops and case studies in policy writing, systems thinking, fundraising, and circular economy. 
  • Mentorship Sessions- Global leaders as mentors with dedicated lecturers and interactive office hours.

Courses Available

You can take into account of fellowship program by checking out the following courses:-

  • Comparative Public Administration
    • As governance becomes increasingly complex in an ever-changing world, it is important to understand the needs of multiple stakeholders with a diversity of needs and aspirations. In this track, we give GPODS fellows an in-depth understanding of the process of policy formulation, adoption, and evaluation. Fellows will learn about the various facets of the politics of policymaking, the paradigms of public policy, practical tools for stakeholder management, risk assessment, anticipation strategies for unintended consequences, and comparative analysis of various governance systems from across the world. In addition to structural analysis, this track also gives the fellows insight into normative questions around inequalities, democracy, decentralization, and the welfare state using cutting-edge research and real-life cases applying frameworks from systems thinking, behavioral economics, and game theory. 
  • International Political Economy and Diplomacy- As the globe is torn between an ever-condensing world and a significant rise in nationalism, privacy, and sovereignty concerns, inter-governmental relations emerge as one of the most important aspects of facilitating the transition into nuanced and peaceful inter-state relations. The Fellowship intends to cover the various verticals of Diplomacy that undercut the negotiations that be at the national level including:
    • Agenda setting: A problem or issue rises to prominence on the agenda.
    • Formulation: Possible policies are created and debated.
    • Adoption: The government adopts one policy.
    • Implementation: The appropriate government agency enacts the policy.
    • Evaluation: Officials and agencies judge whether the policy has been successful.
  • A separate track with 20 hours of lectures on the Diplomacy Track, along with special skill-based workshops and Mentorship from international experts in the field seeks to develop an intricate understanding of the diplomatic world and the tools needed to succeed in negotiating between states. The Course delves into not just the national/state agendas but also that of Corporates and persons looking to expand their worldview across boundaries and establish themselves as global leaders in financial markets and otherwise.
  • Global Commons Seminar Series on Sustainability,  Health and Climate Change
  • As the world struggles with the qualms and effects of climate change, sustainability and sustainable solutions have emerged as the primary feeder to address environmental issues worldwide. At various levels of the state, including international, national, provincial, and municipal to the demands of the market in terms of sustainable living for consumers, and sustainable functioning, in the manufacturing and service sectors – Green solutions are the way forward with more and more governments regulating the spheres. As the field develops over the next few decades, the GPODS fellowship intends to explore and cover the various facets of Sustainability that can be used across the board – from Government to Industry to the consumer level and can help attain an environmentally sustainable future. These include Sustainability tools for:
    • Built Environment and Energy Infrastructure;
    • Food Security;
    • Circular Economy;
    • Conservation of Natural Resources and addressing pan-planet climate change; 
    • Green Financing;
    • Adapting and Modifying policies and advocacy mechanisms to regulate Climate Change;
    • Environmental Impact Assessment; and
    • Carbon-neutral systems.

Skills Taught 

The following skills will be taught to all of the candidates who are taking into account this fellowship program:-

  • Reading & Writing
  • Fundraising
  • Systems Thinking/Design Thinking
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Understanding of the Circular Economy
  • Stakeholder Management

Workshops Topic

The workshops are available in this fellowship on the basis of the following topics as listed by the organization:-

  • Policy Writing and Communications Lab
  • Fundraising
  • Systems Thinking
  • Case  Studies in Public Policy and Climate Change
  • Sustainable Economy and Climate Change
  • Public Policy Series

Benefits Of GPODS Fellowship

The following benefits will be provided to the candidates who will successfully complete the workshops available in this fellowship:-

  • A publishable policy article
  • Grant proposals and fundraising plans
  • Systems Mapping using a system design software
  • Case study presentation
  • Circular economy modeling
  • Stakeholder analysis tools and knowledge of real-life experiences

Eligibility Criteria 

The applicant must follow the following eligibility criteria to apply for this fellowship:-

  • GPODS is made for students and professionals who are at a Watershed Threshold in their academic or professional lives. The Watershed Threshold would signify a significant moment at which the professional would seek to transition into bigger roles in her/his career or scholarly pursuits. This would mean an effort that is catalyzed by GPODS, to delve deeper into areas of their respective interests or expertise by dedicating time and energy towards multi-disciplinary learning to hone their skills – all while developing an inter and inter-peer network of global leaders.; 
  • May work full-time or part-time, but must commit to completing the 3-month program, starting soon.
  • Be open to working in or studying sectors outside their comfort zone;
  • Basic knowledge of the English language is required.
Documents Required

The following documents must be submitted to apply for this scholarship:-

  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose (500 words)
  • One letter of recommendation/Any other additional document (Optional)
Application Fees

The applicant will have to pay the following application fees in order to apply for this fellowship program:-

  • Application Fee- 2500 INR| 35 USD | 33 EUR
  • Fellowship Fee- INR 100,000 | USD 1375 | EUR 1,156

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GPODS Fellowship 2023 Application Process

The applicant must follow the following application procedure to apply for this fellowship program:-

  • You will first have to visit the GPODS website of the scheme and now the home page will open on your screen
GPODS Fellowship 2022-23 Application Process
GPODS Fellowship Official Website
  • You have to click on the option called GPODS Program and a drop-down when you will open on your screen. 
GPODS Fellowship 2022-23 Application Process
GPODS Program
GPODS Fellowship 2022-23 Application Process
Apply Now
  • A new page will open on your screen with the details related to the application procedure.
  • Fill in the application form on our website by attaching your resume and statement of purpose (max. 500 words)
  • A letter of recommendation and any other additional documents are optional.
  • Follow the steps on the application page to complete the application fee payment through Paypal. 
  • Take a screenshot once the payment through Paypal is done.
  • On the receipt of application materials including the receipt of payment, your application will be considered.
    • Bank account details – ‚ÄčAC No.: 024263300002976
    • Account Name- Envipol
    • Bank Name – Yes Bank (India)
    • Swift code – YESBINBB
    • IFSC Code:  YESB0000242
  • Attach a screenshot as proof of payment of the application fee with your application.
  • In case of selection to the GPODS fellowship program, you will receive an email of your selection. 
  • Within 7 days of receipt of our e-mail confirming your selection to the fellowship, kindly ensure the payment of fellowship fees.
  • Once you’ve received an email confirming receipt of the fellowship fees, voila, you’re part of our global fellowship. 
  • We shall not consider any application without the fee receipt and other mandatory attachments. 
  • Any late applications shall not entertain.
  • Applicants may tick the box to consider for a scholarship in the application form.
  • The scholarship application will only consider once you have applied for the fellowship with all requisite documents. 
  • The decision in relation to awarding scholarships shall be strictly based on merit and final

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