Hilldale Fellowship 2023: Apply Online, Required Eligibility & Selection Process

It is an unavoidable fact that, in this competitive era, it’s becoming very difficult to find the desired jobs without professional experience and skills, due to which myriad of scholars face demotivated in regard to their upcoming future, so to solve this problem the university of united states known as The University of Wisconsin Madison organized the Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowship 2023, it is a fellowship which assists the undergraduate Scholars in research training done under the Public Research University of Wisconsin Madison faculty or research / instructional academic staff and help undergraduate scholars to become the brightest research leader of tomorrow by providing the best guidance and support. If scholars want to gain the benefits of the Hilldale Fellowship, so they should read the article thoroughly and can easily grab the profitable opportunity.

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Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowship
Hilldale Fellowship

About Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowship 2023

Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowship is assembled by The University of  Wisconsin Madison, for USA Undergraduate scholars, in order to assist them in research training, with the proper guidance of research academic advisors and instructional academic staff, only in the fields offered by the university. Under the Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowship, scholars are awarded $ 3,000, and faculty /staff research advisors also receive $1,000 to help offset research costs, which counts in students’ travel related to projects, if it is needed, otherwise it will be utilized in additional Hilldale fellowships. In the Hilldale undergraduate fellowship, virtually 97 to 100 awards are distributed annually among US undergraduate scholars, moreover, it aids students to develop research leadership skills and come up with valuable experience to contribute to the nation with their successful careers. 

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Highlights Of Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowship 2023  

Name Hilldale undergraduate fellowship 
Run under  The University of Wisconsin Madison 
Organized For USA  Scholars
Course level Undergraduate Program 
Grants and awardsAssistance in research training $ 3,000 for  scholars $ 1,000 to offset research costs 
Number of fellowships 97 to 100
Applying procedure Online 
Login websiteHilldale

Objectives of Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowship 

Hilldale fellowship of Wisconsin Madison University is organized with the motto of assisting undergraduate scholars of the USA in research training and with grants of about $ 3,000 for the Scholars and $ 1,000 for offset research costs, which provide financial aid to scholars in their academic years, which leads to build a successful career of students in the research field and gain the valuable experience by the guidance and efforts of academic staffs.

Important Dates 
Application procedure begins Update soon
Application deadline Update soon
Eligibility Criteria

To attain the benefits of fellowship, scholars must meet the following eligibility conditions.

  • Students must be in an undergraduate program or should have junior standing of at least 54 credits at the time of application.
  • Students must enroll in collaborative research projects with Wisconsin Madison faculty.
  • To apply there is no minimum GPA in the Hilldale fellowship, if students choose the project with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or lower then they are not as competitive.
  • To apply, students should be good in Academics and disciplined scholars.
  • Scholars should be USA residents.

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Application procedure of Fellowship 2023

To apply for the prestigious fellowship students must follow the given steps:

  • Scholars must apply through Wisconsin Scholarship Hub or can visit the login Portal
Application procedure of Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowship 2022-2023
  • After that, students must create a login ID and password to create their own account on the fellowship portal.
  • Then, some yes /no type questions will appear on the screen, 
  • And fill in the necessary details to be eligible for the Hillsdale fellowship.
  • Furthermore, the application cycle will open on a computer screen.
  • The scholar must select the specific program project fellowship he/she looking for.
  • If scholars are unable to find a specific fellowship project in the application cycle and scholars adhere that he/she is eligible for the fellowship then, they must contact UAA office staff at(awards-at-provost.wisc.edu)
  • Moreover, scholars must prepare a Project Proposal.
  • While preparing the Project Proposal student must keep in mind, that it should not be more than 5 pages.
  • In the Project proposal, there should be at least 1-inch margins, and no smaller than 11pt font.
  • In the Project proposal, the abstract and references must include within 5 pages limit.
  • The Proposal should prepare under the Disciplinary guidelines and use headers appropriate to the field.
  • If scholars have any doubts in regard to proposals, they should talk to their project advisors.

The proposal should contain the following guidelines:

  • The proposed research project must be created under 200 abstract words or less and single-spaced.
  • Introduction and literature review and detailed the importance and originality of the proposed project.
  • Analysis and data collection must describe the methods of selection.
  • The project proposal should be completed under the timeline with a conclusion and future direction.
  • References may be single-spaced.
  • After that, the transcript is automatically attached to the scholar’s online application, the student may not order it.
  • Furthermore, students must get a recommendation letter from the project advisors, which must include a brief budget statement and an explanation of the $ 1000 investment, which allowed for the offset research costs.
  • It will be helpful when the letter also addresses how long and in what capacity the project advisor advises and instruct the scholars.
  • A brief budget statement also enhances the intellectual contribution to the research proposal and the ability to carry out the project.
  • Advisors also have regular interaction with scholars during the duration of the project.
  • The timeline agreed upon for the project.
  • Finally, the letter of recommendation will be submitted online as a part of the online application procedure for the Hilldale undergraduate fellowship.

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