Motivation Letter for Scholarship- Best Sample Letter With Example

If you are planning to apply for any type of scholarship and you are given the task to write a motivation letter to be selected for this scholarship then you must start your preparation to write a full-blown motivation letter because then only you will select to get the benefit. The motivational letter is directly reviewed by the selection committee and then only they will be selected for the benefit of this scholarship. You can check out the details given below to know more about the details related to the motivation letter for the scholarship and you can also check out the best sample letter with the example given below to start your preparation.

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Motivation Letter for Scholarship
Motivation Letter for Scholarship

About Motivation Letter for Scholarship

A motivation letter is often used to introduce the applicant to the scholarship panel and this is the only way through which this scholarship panel will be able to know more about the applicant who is applying for the scholarship presented by them. The motivational letter is the only letter that is sent along with the application for the scholarship and this motivational letter is presented to the selection panel. The students can describe their future goals and plans and persuade the scholarship panel to consider them for the scheme. It is important to write a motivation letter that represents yourself rather than your need for the scholarship program. The letter is written by the scholarship applicants and it is reviewed by the scholarship committee.

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Importance Of Motivation Letter

A motivational letter is of high importance because of the significance that it holds in the eyes of the scholarship community so you must have proper attention while you are writing a motivation letter for your scholarship application. The motivation letter will be your first impression on the reviewing panel for the scholarship and it will also consider your academic excellence and your present and past qualifications. The candidates must follow the eligibility criteria for the scholarship scheme before starting their motivational letter and their scholarship application so that they can consider for the scholarship. A motivation letter can also use while you are applying for an internship or applying for a volunteer position in a non-profit organization.

Format Of The Letter

The applicant must write the motivation letter by following the following context:-

  • Title of Motivation Letter
  • Introduction (not more than 3 lines)
  • The story behind your achievements
  • A Paragraph showing your interest and motivation
  • Why are you a potential candidate?
  • Ending paragraph

Introduction For The Letter

The applicant must first start by writing their contact number at the top of the page and then start by writing the address of their own house followed by the address of this Scholarship Department. Now, you have to do your salutations and then the next paragraph must include an introduction for the applicant. The applicant must start their introduction by writing about themselves, their school, high school, and also the details related to the educational institutions that they have attended in their past life other than that you must also inform the reviewer about the program that you are applying for and the main reason that you are applying for that scholarship. 

Main Body Of The Letter

The second part of the letter will be the longest part of all three parts because it will have the major content of the letter. This paragraph must have details related to your achievement in any field. Also, you must elaborate on your skills and your job experience. If you have volunteered for any non-profit organization then you must also include that in this letter. In the next paragraph, you must also mention the details related to your passion and also give the idea related to the need for this scholarship in your life. You can elaborate further upon the need and your want for this scholarship and then you can conclude the two paragraphs. The letter must well maintain with no spelling and grammar mistakes.

Conclusion For The Letter

The last part of the letter will be the conclusion paragraph and it will have the summary of all of the above paragraphs. You need to mention your long-term programs after you are selected for the scholarship in this paragraph and also you need to make the scholarship review committee believe that you will be using the scholarship to your full potential rather than spending it on different things that are not related to your education or your studies. You need to end the letter in around 700 words by thanking the authority for reading the letter.

Tips For Writing A Motivation Letter

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can use while you are writing an eye-catching motivational letter and some of them are described below:-

  • The applicant must have gone through the research interest of the professor that they are addressing in the letter. If you are writing a motivation letter for a particular scholarship then you must have proper information related to the scholarship panel or the scholarship committee that will be reviewing your motivation letter. You must also research the department of these scholarships that you are addressing in your scholarship letter.
  • The applicant must also talk about their interest in the motivation letter. You must try to explain the interest that you have listed in your CV in the motivation letter so that it makes sense when both of them are presented to the scholarship committee.
  • The applicant must also take into account the specific details related to the scholarship opportunity that they are applying for and they must also explain the reason why they have chosen that specific scholarship scheme. 
  • The applicant must persuade the scholarship committee to understand the reason why they should give the applicant these scholarships. You must highlight your benefits and other reasons why you must get this scholarship.
  • The applicant must also communicate to the committee that they are ready to sacrifice their comfort zone or come out of the box to get this scholarship opportunity and use it wisely in the future.
  • The applicant must also explain how they will come out of their comfort zone in order to use the scholarship to their full potential.
  • The applicant must communicate to the committee the things that we will pursue after they have successfully been selected for this scholarship by the committee.

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Sample Motivation Letter

  • (Your Address)
  • The Scholarship Committee
  • (Scholarship Committee Address)
  • To Whom It May Concern/Sir/Madam,

My name is (Your Name) and I am a third-year student at (Your University Name) pursuing (Your Course). I came across your scholarship program recently with the help of my professor and I would like to apply for the same. It feel like this scholarship will help me to pursue higher education after I am done with my course. 

I have been working extensively with my local NGOs since I was a high school student. It feels like I am happiest when I am working for a cause that will help homeless people or women suffering from various difficulties that they face in their day-to-day life. I have been doing volunteer work for the past 6 years and one of the main reasons to apply for this scholarship program is to support my vision to help underprivileged people. I am lucky that I am privileged enough to apply for this scholarship to be more educated and bring a better world to the underprivileged ones. 

Along with my bachelor’s program, I am also serving as an intern in a company that aligns with my career goals and it also helps me to get an insight into the world that I will be stepping foot in after I am done with my studies. I have a lot of interests and it comes down to managing all of them so that I am never bored. I also have a keen interest in writing and reading books so that I can gather in knowledge from wherever I can. My parents have always told me together knowledge from any source that is remotely accessible to me. 

I want to be a part of this scholarship program to bring a change that is mostly needed in society because of how underprivileged people are. I hope you will consider me for the scholarship and help me to bring a change in society which is much needed in the last decade. With your assistance, I will be continuing my higher education in my area of interest and also pursuing my other interest to become a better part of the world or to lead the world into a better place. 

  • Sincerely,
  • (Your Name)

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