Scholarship Resume- How to Write Resume For Scholarship, Check Sample

Whenever you are applying for any type of scholarship it is important that you read all of the eligibility criteria which are included by the authority while they are serving any type of opportunities to the hundreds of students in India. You might have to write a scholarship resume in some cases where the scholarship committee needs to understand the academic background of the applicant before awarding them the scholarship. Also, You can check out the details of a Scholarship Resume from the article provided below and we will also share with you all the procedures on how to write a resume for a scholarship. You can check the sample of the scholarship resume from the article given below.

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Scholarship Resume- How to Write Resume For Scholarship, Check Sample
Scholarship Resume- How to Write Resume For Scholarship, Check Sample

About Scholarship Resume

A Scholarship Resume is basically a resume with all of your details related to your qualifications and the official data pertaining to your personal information. This will help the officials and the employers to choose among the best applicants for their employment. if you are planning to write a resume for your scholarship then it will be almost identical to an official CV but you are not applying for a job through a scholarship resume you are applying for a scholarship. Many different types of Institutions will provide scholarship opportunities so that you can continue your education in a prestigious organization without worrying about the financial expenses. It is crucial to present your CV in such a manner that you are selected by the authorities as quickly as possible.

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Tips And Tricks For Scholarship Resume

There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can accommodate in your scholarship resume in order to make it the best resume possible. You can check out the tips and tricks from the pointers given below:-

  • The applicant must accommodate all of their achievements and their educational qualifications in the CV along with their academic awards, honors, extracurricular activities, teaching experience, and or any part-time jobs or internships that they have done.
  • The applicant must only have relevant information in the CV because irrelevant information will make your CV longer which is a bad impression on the reviewer.
  • You must analyze your resume after you have made it so that only your current achievements are at the top and arrange descendingly.
  • You must also mention your personal information in your resume but personal views or opinions regarding politics, sports, marital status, and religion must not be included. 
  • Make sure to read and analyze your CV after you have successfully made it.

Format Of The Scholarship Resume

The format of the scholarship resume should be pretty simple so that it can be easily understood by the committee. You can check out the resume from the pointers given below:-

  1. The Resume Header will include details like Name, address, phone number, and email address. You can also include the link to your Linkedin profile. Make sure that you have included your correct contact information so that the party can communicate.
  2. Scholarship Resume Objective: 2 – 3 to summarize your achievements and skills. You can also include the job you are looking for in this section.
  3. Education – List your high school and college courses along with GPA >3.0. Make sure to include all of your academic experience including the name of the Institution and your major or minor.
  4. Work Experience/Internships – List jobs in a reverse chronological format including part-time & full-time employment. Make sure to include the name of the institutions that you have worked for and also brief about the job that you have done.
  5. Honours and Awards – List all honours, awards, and accolades you have received. 
  6. Courses Attended – Record seminars, conferences, or training courses attended (e.g., Red Cross Training)
  7. Training & Certifications
  8. Community Involvement: List volunteer work or community activities
  9. Hobbies and Interests: List enrichment programs, travel programs, hobbies, and interests that compliment your educational qualification or target profile.
  10. Athletic Achievements & Performing Arts
  11. Languages: List your language skills along with the proficiency level of each.

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Sample Resume

You can check out the sample resume for your next scholarship from the pointers given below and prepare yourself accordingly:-

  1. (Your Name)

Email, Phone, Address, LinkedIn

  1. Objective

[Current academic status] with an interest/passion for [relative subject(s)], and [amount] of [work, volunteer, or internship experience] excelling at [duties and responsibilities]. Seeking [scholarship name] to pursue [degree]. Planning to continue research in [research/thesis topic relative to your field].

  1. Academic Details

Name of the institution


Marks scored

Brief about the things that you have learned

  1. Work Experience

Position title



  • List work, volunteer, or internship experience
  • Even if the work is not relevant to the career your pursuing, it’s okay to include it. However, try to highlight transferrable skills that are relevant
  • Try to quantify your duties and responsibilities by using hard numbers to describe your work experience
  1. Awards & Honors

Include significant academic awards, such as previous scholarships, winning competitions, writing publications, and achieving the Dean’s list

  1. Key Skills

List any hard skills you’ve acquired that are relative to the career you’re pursuing, such as technical, software, and language skills

If you only have unrelated work experience, chances are you have soft skills, such as leadership, teamwork and communication skills that are great to include

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