SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme 2023: Application Form, Eligibility, Reward

SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme 2023 has been started by the Science and Engineering Research Board of the Government of India. Interested participants who wish to grab the grant under high-end workshops or training and internship programs can apply. Eligible faculty or scientists who wished to organize the workshop or provide training and skill internship can get the benefits from SERB information about both programs is given further. You have to check the detailed information including eligibility criteria, the application process, benefits, and other relevant information from further sections.

SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme
SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme

What Is SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme 2023?

The Science and Engineering Research Board has started two new programs under Accelerate Vigyan Scheme. The name of the program is “training and skill internship” and “High-End Workshop”. Interested Faculty or Scientists who desire to get the grant under any of the programs can apply. The application form-filling process is through online mode. Online application forms are invited for both programs twice a year. Currently, the online application form for the summer season is open. The last date to submit the application is 28 February 2022. Hurry to collect the detailed information and submit the form.

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Highlights Of Scheme

  • Name of the scheme: SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme
  • Launched by: Science and Engineering Research Board
  • Launched for: Faculty or Scientists
  • Mode of application: Online
  • Last date: Update Soon
  • Official site: SERB

Important Date

The last date for submission of applications for components of “KAARYASHALA” and “VRITIKA” for the summer season update soon

High-End Workshop Suggested Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
    • Applications of AI and its usage
    • Applications of ML and its usage 
  • Clean Air and Potable Water
    • Green Manufacturing
    • Intelligent Transportation System
    • Low Dust Construction Technologies
    • Instant Portable Water Quality Testing
    • Membrane-Based Wastewater Treatment 
  • Creative Livelihood Technologies
    • Wearable Devices
    • 3D Printing  
  • Disaster and Climate Resilience
    • Early Warning for Natural and Manmade Disasters
    • Earthquake Prediction
    • Challenges of Disasters: Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Resilience Techniques
    • Climate-Smart Agriculture
    • Artificial Photosynthesis
    • Energy-Efficient Electrical Equipment
    • Alternate Fuel Vehicles
    • Weather Modification Technologies 
  • Eco-Friendly Conservation of Natural Resources
    • Sensor-Based Forest Fire Mitigation
    • Green Mining
    • Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery 
  • Efficient Transportation
    • Intelligent Transportation System
    • Alternate Fuel-Based Transportation
    • Heat Recovery Systems
    • Autonomous Vehicles 
  • Energy
    • Solar PV
    • Advanced Coal Cycles
    • Fuel Cell
    • Microbial Fuel Cell
    • Smart Grids
    • ICT Based on Smart Monitoring Systems
    • Wireless Power Transmission   
  • Food and Nutritional Security
    • Genomics and Phenomics
    • Rapid Diagnostic Tools for Detection of Zoonotic Diseases
    • Technologies for Increasing Shelf-Life of Perishable Foods
    • Climate-Smart Agriculture  
  • General Laboratory Management
    • Policy Guidelines of Safety
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Overnight Experiments
    • Maintenance and Cleaning of a Laboratory
    • Decommissioning of a Laboratory 
  • Hands-on Training on High-End Scientific Equipment
    • Familiarization with equipment
    • Hands-on training on Sample preparation (e.g. for TEM, SEM etc.)
    • Handling & Trouble Shooting
    • First Step Maintenance 
  • Handling Data and Information
    • Understand and synthesize large quantities of data
    • File Backup / Sharing / Sync and Programming codes
    • Using software and interlinking from other operating systems
    • Handling Data, Plots, and Graphics
    • Electronic Lab Notebooks and connecting Instruments on net 
  • Healthcare and Public Hygiene
    • Personalized Medicine
    • Regenerative Therapies
    • 3d Printing (Organs And Prosthetics)
    • Implanted Sensor-Based Drug Delivery 
    • Nano-Robots
    • Telemedicine and Tele-Surgery  
  • Public Safety and Security
    • Indigenous Security Layers Protecting Computing & Communication Platforms
    • Equipment Control Security Technologies
    • Sensors for the Protection and Security of Elderly & Persons with Disability
    • Frugal Fire Detection and Fire Fighting Devices
    • Sensors and Protective Devices to Prevent the Spread of Pandemics and Epidemics 
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Applications
    • Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS – Layered Approach to Problem-Solving
    • 3D Imaging & 3D Modelling
    • GNSS, DGPS, Navigation, and GPS
    • Hyperspectral & Microwave Remote Sensing
    • Satellite Images Analysis, Visual Interpretation using Image Processing & GIS Software
    • GIS Applications for Archaeology 
  • Responsible Conduct in Research
    • While Preparing for Research
    • Preventing Misuse is the best medicine
    • Effective use of Incentives for Ethics
    • Scientific Social Responsibility
    • Global Research: The International Collaboration
  • Statistical Tools and Modelling
    • Statistical Modelling using different programming tools i.e. ‘R’, Python, Ruby, MATLAB, etc.
    • Regression Modelling
    • Theory of Stochastic Orders and Applications
    • Ranking and Selection Problems
    • Advanced Statistical and Machine Learning Modelling 
  • Technologies for Habitat
    • 3D Printing of Houses
    • Local and Recyclable Materials for Construction
    • Nanotechnology for Paints and Surface Coatings; Durability of Materials
    • Green and Net-Zero Energy Buildings 
  • Written & Oral Effective Science Communication
    • Benefits and Challenges
    • Prepare concise and logically-written materials
    • Organize and communicate ideas effectively in oral presentations
    • Techniques — brief abstract to a book-length manuscript
    • Communicating Scientific Information to the Public
    • Write effective grant proposals & Reports 

Benefits of SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme

  • The duration of the workshop will be at least one week
  • The duration of the workshop cannot be beyond two weeks
  • There will be no more than 25 applicants selected for a workshop
  • SERB can we limit the number of participants for any particular workshop
  • A certificate will be issued to the participants by the host institute after the successful completion of the workshop
  • Students will get daily necessary expenses such as TA, stationery, consumables, accommodation, food, etc.
  • The support amount for the whole workshop will be Rs. 20,000 per student

Features Of Scheme

  • The duration of the workshop will be at least four weeks
  • The duration of the workshop cannot be beyond Eight weeks
  • A certificate will be issued to the intern by the supervisor and head of the concerned department on satisfactory completion of the internship and on submission of the assignment report
  • The intern will get the tasks/assignments from the supervisor to whom the interns are attached
  • Interns have to submit a report at the end and have to submit it
  • No intern will get a certificate if not complete the requisite period.
  • Interns will get daily necessary expenses such as stationery, consumables, accommodation, food, etc.
  • Stipends will not be given under this program to the selected interns
  • The support amount for the whole internship will be Rs. 30,000 per intern
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicant should be a faculty or Scientists
  • Applicant must be working in Central institutions of higher learning and research such as IITs, IISc, IISERs, NITs, and other institutions and laboratories of eminence like CSIR, ICAR, ICMR, etc.
Documents Required
  • Endorsement letter duly signed and stamped by the competent authority of the host institute.
  • Certificate from the Event Organizer
  • A short summary of the workshop mentioning objectives, event technical sessions list of potential and anticipated in-house and outside experts, and other technical details.

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Application Procedure SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme 2023

  • To apply for the program applicants, have to visit the SERB website of the Accelerate Vigyan
Application Procedure SERB Accelerate Vigyan Scheme 2022
  • From the home page of the portal, you have to go to the program option
  • Choose the skill development option from the drop-down list and further select High end workshops or training and skill internship option
  • Choose the join now option and a new page will open on the screen
  • Applicants have to register as event organizers by using the details required in the application
  • Complete the application form and hit the next button
  • After completion of registration, you have to  select the high-end workshops option
  • Fill out the application form as an event organizer to get the grant
  • Complete the application form, upload the necessary documents, and hit submit button to submit your proposal.

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