Fellowship vs Scholarship Meaning and Comparison in Detail

A lot of different types of organizations and government institutions across the world run different programs to help underprivileged students. Some students are not able to afford their education because of the high cost of education and these programs help the students to take into account financial funds so that they can continue their education. There are different eligibility criteria that the students must follow in order to apply for the particular scholarship or fellowship program as presented by the organization. Scholarships vs Fellowship programs are two different types of schemes that are not understood by a lot of students and this can result in a lot of confusion. You can check out the specifications of  Fellowship vs Scholarship Meaning and Comparison in Detail given below.

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Fellowship vs Scholarship
Fellowship vs Scholarship

About Scholarship Program

A scholarship program is a type of financial award provided to students if their academic achievements are really good. This award will help them to pursue higher education and also improve their grades. A scholarship is a form of financial aid that will provide to students by the Government, universities, and other such organizations in order to motivate them in their studies. There are different eligibility criteria that organizations will put forward in order to select the candidates for the scholarship presented by them. Most of the time, the qualifications of the students and also sometimes specialist eligibility criteria are put forward by the organization. Scholarship money can uses in order to cover a variety of expenses such as the cost of your book, your tuition, or other educational expenses. You do not have to repay your scholarship at any given point in time.

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Fellowship Program

A fellowship program will be provided to the students who have passed a certain type of qualifying examination and want to research a certain topic. The fellowship program incentive will be a monetary award that will be provided to researchers from different types of subjects including Finance, Management, and science. Fellowship money only provides to the student who is wanting to take on a research project. There are different advantages along with the rewards present by the fellowship program. Many times fellowship only provides recognition to the students and no incentive is provided to the student. Fellowship is usually provided when the student is taking into consideration higher studies or research. It is only provided if the student is pursuing a graduate degree or a degree above the graduate degree.

Fellowship vs Scholarship
Fellowship vs Scholarship

Government Scholarships in India

Fellowship vs Scholarship Comparison in Detail

You can check out the table given below in order to know more about fellowship versus scholarship:-

The scholarship is based on various factors such as necessity, merit, or othersFellowship is based on the student’s merit or excellence.
It generally includes the payment of tuition fees.It can be an internship or any other type of service opportunity for the student 
Financial aid is offered to go for further educationNormally, it is a merit-based fellowship
You can for a scholarship even before starting your college or school.No fellowships are available for early-career academics.
Is given to students’ level and beyondGrants generally to experience individuals to apply 
They are supported by the government, schools/colleges/universities, or any other groupGovernments, research organizations, commercial enterprises, universities, and other institutions grant them.
Is given to help students with their basic studies.Scholars are given grants to undertake studies on a specific topic.
Some scholarships are renewable in the sense that students can apply for them again as well.Is only for a set time and cannot extend (non-renewable).
Is based on a variety of criteria that students requesting financial assistance must meet, such as academic performance, participation in sports competitions, creative talents competitions, and many others.Basis only on academic criteria

You can apply for a Fellowship vs Scholarship even if you have not yet decided on the degree that you want to pursue and you will be able to get the financial aid accordingly. The students who have completed their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees can take into account fellowship programs presented by the government of India if they want to do research. The Fellowship program does not always provide financial support to the students but the students will be provided with the status so that they can do their research without any disturbance. Fellowships can also result in full-time employment opportunities in the upcoming future.

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