JNU Scholarship 2024: Application Form, Required Documents & Last Date

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is a public central major research university. It was founded in 1969 and named after India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. The institution is well-known for its prestigious faculties and research focus on social and practical sciences. Today, we will discuss with you the specifics of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Scholarship chances that will be accessible for students who are currently enrolled at this university but are unable to continue their studies due to financial constraints. By reading the information below, you may apply for the JNU Scholarship 2024. Today, in this post, we will go over every element of the scholarship opportunity as well as the application process step by step.

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JNU Scholarship
JNU Scholarship

About JNU Scholarship

JNU is one of India’s most renowned institutions and is known for its architecture and academic brilliance. Because of its popularity and academic brilliance, it will not only attract students from India but also from foreign countries. Although the price of JNU is so low that it is affordable to a typical household, there are still many deserving students who aspire to continue their studies at JNU but are unable to do so owing to financial constraints. Addressing all these concerns JNU began awarding many scholarships to their students in the form of fee reductions, houses, and other benefits. JNU scholarship: Ford Foundation Scholarship, Pro. Ramesh Rao Scholarship, Tendulkar Scholarship, Noorul Hasan Scholarship, etc. These Scholarships provide various perks. So, let’s discuss all the JNU Scholarships and their criteria.

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Key Highlights of JNU Scholarship

Implemented ByJawaharlal Nehru University
Name of ScholarshipJNU Scholarship 2022
ObjectiveTo provide accommodation and reduce the fees.
BenefitsVariable amounts
No. of Scholarships Available8
Eligibility CriteriaThe student’s family income must be less than Rs-2,5000
Official WebsiteJNU

Objective of JNU Scholarship

The Jawaharlal Nehru University Scholarship was established to assist students who are unable to continue their education owing to financial difficulties. In order to benefit from this scholarship program, candidates must be current university students. This scholarship program is well regarded and will benefit all students who wish to continue their studies at JNU. Under the scholarship, the candidate will be eligible for perks and other allowances.

List of Scholarships enlisted under JNU Scholarship

Here we discuss the JNU Scholarship, in detail. This page offers a comprehensive overview of all JNU scholarships available in 2024. As a result, prospective students should start looking for scholarships right once. Simply take your time and read this page because it has organized all of the information you need and emphasised the scholarships.

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Merit-cum-Means Scholarships

A number of Merit-cum-Means scholarships are offered for worthy and distinguished students whose parents’ or guardians’ annual income does not exceed Rs. 2,50,000/- or as may be determined from time to time. Scholarship payments will be controlled by the rules in effect at the University at the time.

Ford Foundation Scholarships

For students enrolled in the School of International Studies’ M.A. program, a limited number of Ford Foundation Scholarships of Rs. 700/- per month are available. The scholarships will be given solely on the basis of merit, with the requirement that at least half of them go to female students.

In addition, students pursuing studies at the University can apply for the following Endowments (Scholarships), Fellowships, and Awards.

Prof. Ramesha Rao Scholarship and Travel Grant

Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sudha Rao, wife of Late Prof. A. Ramesha Rao of the School of Life Sciences, donated Rs.10,000/- to establish an endowment for the “A. Ramesha Rao Scholarship and Travel Grant” for students who receive the highest grade in Cancer Biology, a discipline in which Professor Rao specialized and guided students. The award is for a period of ten months at a monthly rate of Rs.3,000/- each year, with a travel grant of Rs.30,000/- to an M.Phil/Ph.D student for delivering a paper at an international conference, seminar, or another event in the field of cancer biology.  

Tendulkar Scholarship

This scholarship of Rs.400/- per month is offered to two students from different Centres of the School of Social Sciences via rotation for a term of two years.

Prof. Nurul Hasan Scholarship

For the promotion of education and other Ideals and values for which Prof. Hasan worked during his lifetime, two scholarships of Rs.1500/- p.m. each are awarded for a period of one year to students of the second year M.A./M.Sc./MCA students with the highest CGPA at the end of the first year, one for Social Science subjects and the other for Science subjects.

Jawahar Bhawan Trust Scholarship

These scholarships are worth Rs.1000/-p.m. and are offered to 10 students for a period of one year (two semesters) and may be renewed for consecutive semesters if the student maintains a CGPA of 5.5 at the conclusion of the third semester of MA/M.Sc. or the fifth semester of MCA.

Prof. MJK Thavaraj MCM Scholarship

M.A. (Economics) first-year students at the School of Social Sciences are eligible for two scholarships totaling Rs.300 each month and Rs.2000 as a contingency.

Prof. Gouri Shankar Singhal Merit Scholarship

For a period of two years, two M.A. students in Sanskrit Studies are annually present. These scholarships has given out based on the student’s achievements in the first semester.

Selection Process

The selection of the scholars will be done on the basis of their eligibility criteria. If the candidate belongs to a lower-class family and his annual income is less than Rs-2,5000 will fill the scholarship form with the correct information or upload the verified documents then he/she will be able to get selection by the University Administrators.

Eligibility Criteria

The students who want to appear in JNU Scholarship should fulfill the following criteria:

  • The student must be a present student of JNU from any course available
  • The family income of the students must be less than Rs- 2,5000.
  • Students must enroll in any course to receive the scholarship.
  • The income certificate of the father is originally by the employer 
  • Income certificate of the mother in originally by the employer 
  • Latest Income Tax Return of the mother 
  • Latest Income Tax Return of the father
  • JNU students I’d card
  • Registration Number

Application Procedure for Merit-cum-Means Scholarships

The students who want to apply under the Merit-cum-Means Scholarships should follow the given steps for filling out the Application Form: 

Application Procedure for Merit-cum-Means Scholarships
Application Form
  • Now the application form will get download on your device in pdf format.
  • On the application form, you have to fill in the details which require such as:
    • Name of Student (in block letters) 
    • Category (SC/ST/PH/VH/Gen.)
    • Mother’s Name & Address in Full 
    • Father’s Name & Address in Full 
    • State of Domicile 
    • Name of Hostel/Address (with Room No.) 
    • Initial Year of Admission to B.A/M.A 
    • Date of First Award of MCM 
    • Presently studying in Class, etc.
  • After filling all the details in the application form submit it to your Faculty In-charge / Guide / Supervisor through email for availing of the scholarship.

Application Procedure for Scholarship Claim Form

The students who want to apply for a Scholarship should follow the following steps:

  • The candidate needs to visit the official website of the JNU Scholarship. 
Application Procedure for Scholarship Claim Form
Claim Form
  • The homepage will appear on your screen where you have to click on the Form link.
Application Procedure for Scholarship Claim Form
Application Procedure for Scholarship Claim Form
  • After that the form will download on your device, where you need to fil the form by entering the following details:
    • School Name
    • Voucher no.
    • Month
    • Registration No.
    • JNU Cyber ID
    • Contact No.
    • Name of scholar
    • Class
    • Hostel
    • Bank Details, etc.
  • Once you fill out the Scholarship form, you have to submit it to your Faculty In-charge / Guide / Supervisor through email.

Flow for JNU Scholarship

The new flow process for students’ fellowship disbursement system is below:

  • The first step is you have to visit the JNU website URL.
  • Here you have to download the preferred scholarship form and fill in all the required details and upload the documents.
  • After that, you have to send it to the Faculty In-charge / Guide / Supervisor of your department through email.
  • Now, The concerned Faculty In-charge / Guide / Supervisor will validate the form and sign it in the relevant spots before sending it to the Dean/Chairperson on the JNU email address (ie abc@jnu.ac.in or abc@mail.jnu.ac.in).
  • The Dean/Chairperson should next review the details given by the Faculty In-charge / Guide / Supervisor and sign the document through their AO/SO/Office in incharge of the School/Center.
  • The AO/ SO/ Office in charge of the School/ Center will download the Excel sheet from the URL (https://jnu.ac.in/students/MCM NON-NET FORM.xls) and fill in the details, then send weekly consolidated data in the format provided in the Excel sheet via eOffice and attach the.xls format in the local reference of the file option. Every Friday, the consolidated data should be presented to SO, and S&P for distribution of the fellowship to the students.
Contact Details

Every year, Chairpersons of Centres/Deans of Schools solicit applications from registered and eligible students for Fellowships/Scholarships/Awards, which are granted based on the recommendations of committees formed for the purpose. Room No.020 (Ground Floor) Scholarship/Fellowship Section, Administration Block, J.N.U., New Delhi – 110067 may provide more information.

  • Phone no: 011-26704058, 26704033
  • Email Id: satyambharti@mail.jnu.ac.in and  rajivgosain@mail.jnu.ac.in 
JNU Scholarship 2024 FAQs
What is the JNU Scholarship 2024?

The JNU Scholarship is a scholarship scheme that provides accommodation and helps in reducing the fees of the students

What are the benefits of the JNU Scholarship 2024?

Applicants will get benefits according to the scheme available under JNU Scholarship.

What is the last date of the JNU Scholarship 2024 to apply?

The last date to apply for this scholarship will be declared soon.

How to apply for this JNU Scholarship 2024?

Applicants can apply under this scheme after visiting https://www.jnu.ac.in/content/fellowshipsscholarships

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