LPU Scholarship 2024: Eligibility Criteria and Online Application Process

LPU Scholarship 2024 will help the students who have taken admission to Lovely Professional University but this scholarship is only available for the students who have got good marks in their qualifying exams. There are different types of scholarships which are available at the University. The students can get these scholarships based on different things such as the marks that they have achieved in the entrance exam and also the students can get the scholarships based on their National level test. This is a very prestigious University which also provides scholarships based on innovation and Start-Up Technology. Check out more information about the scholarship available at LPU for the year 2024 from the article given below

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LPU Scholarship
LPU Scholarship

About Lovely Profession University

Lovely Professional University (LPU) was developed in the year 2005 by Lovely International Trust and this is registered under the Lovely Professional University Act 2005. The university is located in Punjab and is very famous among the people who want to take into account creating fields. The University has a campus of 600 acres and it is also recognised by the University Grants Commission India which gives the university much more reputation than it already has. The students can get admission to more than 200 undergraduate and postgraduate programs available at the university. The university also offers PhD programs for students who want to continue their doctoral degree. More than 30000 students are a part of this university from the different states available in India.

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Objective of LPU Scholarship

A particular scholarship is provided to help the students continue their education and Lovely Professional University is a private University so taking admission to the private University is a very tough task. Private universities have high fees so the students are forced to take loans from third parties to secure a seat in a private University. The students can apply for the LPU scholarship if they are having a hard time paying their tuition fees for the private University and the students can achieve this scholarship on different parameters also. These types of scholarships help the students to identify their potential and they also help the students to successfully pursue their interests. The main objective of these scholarships is to help the students who are not able to gain proper opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must follow the following eligibility criteria in order to get the LPU scholarship for the different types of scholarships presented by the University and on the basis of different types of parameters:

  • On the basis of Qualification
    • Applicants must be studying in the prescribed class or program in order to successfully get a chance to get a scholarship on the basis of their qualifications.
  • On the basis of LPUNEST
    • LPUNEST score more than or equal to the Category I cut-off
    • LPUNEST score more than or equal to the Category II cut-off
    • LPUNEST score more than or equal to the Category III cut-off
  • On the basis of National Level Tests
    • The LPU organization will also offer scholarships for the various programs on the basis of performance and the rank of the students.
  • Scholarship based on Innovation, Startup, Entrepreneurship & Hackathons
    • LPU provides a distinctive scholarship program based on performance in areas such as Innovation, Startup, Entrepreneurship & Hackathons. This scholarship is intended for students who are enthusiastic about pursuing innovative ideas and is aimed at inspiring them to pursue their dreams. Candidates will be selected based on their accomplishments in the previous two years, particularly at the international/national level, and the selection committee will provide the ultimate recommendation for the policy.
  • On the basis of Sports, Cultural, R&D, Co-curricular, Social Service, Bravery Awards
    • Lovely Professional University will also provide scholarship opportunities to people who have promising careers in sports and other activities. 
  • Scholarships/ Fee Benefits for PhD
    • The students pursuing full-time Ph.D. courses in the organization will be provided scholarships of up to 90% so that they can continue their education and for the procedures in the university.
  • Special Scholarship for Toppers of Education Board
    • LPU is providing a scholarship program to the top 20 rank holders of every recognized school board, including State, Central, and Open Boards. To qualify, a minimum of 1000 students must have taken the exam. The scholarship offers full program fee waivers, including exam fees, as well as free accommodation in a four-seater air-cooled hostel room or free transportation for those who do not use residential facilities. Applicants must be listed among the top 20 merit list holders published by the relevant board, subject to the above condition.
Types of Scholarships

There are a lot of different types of scholarships which are presented by the organization of Lovely Professional University and the students can apply for this scholarship of their choice on the basis of the brackets presented by the organization:

  • On the basis of Qualification
  • On the basis of LPUNEST
  • On the basis of National Level Tests
  • Scholarship based on Innovation, Startup, Entrepreneurship & Hackathons
  • On the basis of Sports, Cultural, R&D, Co-curricular, Social Service, Bravery Awards
  • Scholarships/ Fee Benefits for PhD.
  • Special Scholarship for Toppers of Education Board

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LPU Scholarship 2024 Application Process

The students will first have to secure admission to Lovely University and then they can apply for this scholarship of their choice if they have a strong application against this scholarship. Make sure to follow the step-by-step procedure given below to fill out the application form:

  • Visit the LPU website of Lovely Professional University.
LPU Scholarship Official Website
LPU Scholarship Official Website
  • Click on the “Admissions” tab and select “Scholarships“.
Find Scholarships
  • Select the scholarship category for which you wish to apply.
  • Click on the “Apply Now” button.
  • Fill in all the required details such as personal information, academic records, and other relevant information.
  • Upload the necessary documents such as a passport-size photograph, signature, and other supporting documents.
  • Review and verify all the information entered in the application form.
  • Pay the application fee through the available online payment options.
  • Submit the application form and take a printout of the submitted form for future reference.

Documents Required

The following documents are required in order to successfully apply for the scholarship opportunity of your choice at the Lovely Professional University:

  • Personal information: Name, address, email ID, mobile number, etc.
  • Academic records: Mark sheets of 10th, 12th, and any other relevant academic qualifications.
  • Supporting documents: Passport-size photograph, signature, and other relevant certificates.
  • Income proof: Documents to prove the income of the family or guardian.
  • Other relevant information: Any other information relevant to the scholarship category.

Common Mistakes to Avoid during the Application Process

There are some common mistakes that you need to avoid when you are feeling out to the application form for the scholarship and given below we are sharing some of them:

  • The students are requested to read the instructions included in the application form because if they are filling out the application form with half knowledge then they can be rejected.
  • The students are required to submit all of the documents that are mentioned in the application form and they are also required to follow the eligibility criteria before filling out the application form.
  • The students must submit the application form before the last date because if you are submitting the application form after the last date then it will not be considered by the authorities.
  • The applicants are requested to go through their application after they have successfully filled it out because they can be grammatical errors and if there are any grammatical errors then you will be rejected.

LPU Scholarship 2024 is offered to students who have good potential in them and who have taken admission to the university. The students can get the scholarship on different parameters that will help them to continue their education in a private University without any problem!

Contact Details
  • Tel: +91-1824-517000
  • Tel: +91-1824-404404
LPU Scholarship FAQs
Who is eligible to apply for LPU Scholarship 2024?

The applicants can apply for this scholarship on different parameters so you have to follow the eligibility criteria according to that.

What is the application deadline for LPU Scholarship 2024?

You have to apply for the scholarship before the last date however the last date will be eligible according to the scholarship that you are applying for.

What is the selection procedure for LPU scholarship 2024?

The applicant will be selected based on the scholarship that they have applied for because there are different parameters so the candidate is selected accordingly.

How can I apply for the LPU Scholarship 2024?

You can apply for the LPU scholarship 2024 by first securing your admission to the university and then filling out the application form available on the official website or talking to your academic counsellor.

How can I check the status of my scholarship application?

Applicants can check the status of their scholarship application by logging into their LPU account. You can also talk to your academic counsellor.

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