MRIWA Scholarship 2023: Application Form, Eligibility & Selection Process

If you want to study in Western Australia then you can take into account the very prestigious MRIWA Scholarship 2023. This scholarship is specially provided in order to help the students who are coming from foreign countries take into account Ph.D. courses available in Western Australia without having to worry about financial expenses. You can apply for the scholarship while filling out the application form and submitting it to the concerned authorities with their research proposal. You can check out the step-by-step procedure to fill out the application form and the eligibility criteria along with the selection procedure mentioned in the article provided.

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MRIWA Scholarship
MRIWA Scholarship

What Is MRIWA Scholarship 2023?

Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia provides competitive scholarships to support exceptional students so that they can pursue post-graduation research relevant courses in the Western Australia Universities. There are a lot of benefits that will be provided to the students and the students will also be provided with an invite so that they can participate in training and professional development activities present at the university. The students will also be provided networking opportunities with leading innovators so that they can have a good time at their University without having to worry about financial expenses and also the difficulties that they have to face as a foreigner. 

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Important Dates 

  • The scholarship applications close on 30 September 2023

List of Scholarships

The following scholarships are available by the organization for all of the applicants:-

  • MRIWA Odwyn Jones Ph.D. Scholarship
    • Open to all applicants, domestic and international.
  • MRIWA Ph.D. Scholarship for Women
    • Open to women applicants only, domestic and international.
  • MRIWA Indigenous Postgraduate Research Scholarship
    • Open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants only.

Benefits Of MRIWA Scholarship 

The following benefits will be provided to the applicants if they participate in this competitive scholarship:-

  • Generous stipend support of up to $36,057 per annum for up to three years of study (with the potential for extension); and
  • Additional support for research and other expenses linked to your studies.

Industries Included

The scholarships are available at the any University of Western Australia and you can award the scholarship to support research affecting any eligible aspect of Western Australia’s minerals industries including:-

  • Improving the discovery rate of economic mineral resources;
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the mining industry;
  • Strategic and critical mineral commodities;
  • Lowering the carbon footprint of steel production;
  • Alternative uses of mine tailings and waste;
  • Reducing the environmental impact of mining;
  • Direct capture of greenhouse gases through mineral carbonation.
Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for this scholarship will be very simple and the candidates will select against their academic criteria and research excellence. The scholarship committee will also take into account the quality of the detailed research proposal which is submit by the applicant. There are three competitive scholarships available for the students who are trying to take admitted to postgraduate research study which will be coming in the year 2023. The last date to submit your proposal will be 30 September 2023 so make sure that you are submitting the proposal before the last date in order to be eligible for all of the benefits available by the committee of the scholarship scheme. 

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must follow the following eligibility criteria to apply for the scholarship:-

  • MRIWA scholarship can be held by any student who will be primarily based at a university campus located in Western Australia.
  • Applicants for MRIWA Scholarships who are not already registered for a relevant postgraduate research degree at the time of application must have applied for an eligible postgraduate research degree prior to submitting an application to MRIWA.
  • Applicants from a non-English-speaking background must supply valid IELTS documentation (or equivalent) demonstrating competency in written and spoken English to the standards required by their proposed host University. Applicants who have a degree-level qualification from an Australian University are exempt from this requirement.
  • MRIWA will consider applications for either full-time or part-time studies where which is consistent with the policies of the intended host university.

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MRIWA Scholarship 2023 Application Procedure

The applicant must follow the following application procedure to apply for the scholarship:-

  • The applicant will also have to submit a research proposal with their scholarship application form in order to consider by the scholarship committee for the scholarship
  • You can download the application form for this scholarship by clicking on the link given here
  • You have to fill out the application form with all of your details and then submit the application form with your research proposal to the concerned authorities in order to be eligible for the scholarship.
  • You can download the template of the research proposal by clicking on the lane given here.
  • Make sure the research proposal and the application form are submitted to the concerned authorities before the last date in order to help you be a part of the organization and this scholarship.

Contact Details 

  • For all scholarship-related queries please contact MRIWA on 08 6180 4344 or via email at

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