Indian Talent Olympiad 2023: Apply Online, Enhance Your Skills and Win Rewards

Indian Talent Olympiad 2023 is a prominent organization in India that conducts Olympiad exams for school students. It was established in 2012 and has since then been associated with more than 33,175 schools across the country. With a network of over 1 crore students, Indian Talent Olympiad has recognized and rewarded more than 2,00,000 class toppers and provided scholarships to over 7000 deserving students. The organization takes pride in having Madam P.T. Usha, an Olympic champion, as a member of its advisory committee. Her experience and expertise help in shaping the organization’s goals and vision. Indian Talent Olympiad provides a platform for talented students to showcase their abilities and reach their full potential. The organization believes that talent is only valuable when given the right opportunities, and it strives to provide those opportunities to millions of students across the country.

Indian Talent Olympiad
Indian Talent Olympiad

Types of Olympiads

The following types of olympiads are available for the people to participate by the organization on the official website:

  • Science Olympiad
  • Maths Olympiad
  • English Olympiad
  • GK Olympiad
  • Computer Olympiad
  • Drawing Olympiad
  • Essay Olympiad
  • Social Study Olympiad

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Exam Pattern And Marking Scheme 

Before taking an Olympiad exam, it is crucial to understand the exam pattern as it helps students concentrate more on the subject. 

  • The type of questions asked in an Olympiad exam varies depending on the subject, but the exam pattern remains consistent across all subjects except for Drawing and Essay. The pattern includes questions on problem-based figures, series completion, odd one out, coding-decoding, mirror images, embedded figures, symmetry, and alphabetical tests.
  • The complexity of the question paper is tailored to the student’s grade level, knowledge, ability, and reasoning capacity. The syllabus for the Olympiad exam is based on the prescribed and updated syllabus of school boards such as CBSE, ICSE, State Board, and International Board.
  • The Olympiad exam consists of three sections: Section 1 – Subjective, Section 2 – Logical Reasoning, and Section 3 – High Order Thinking Section (HOTs). This format is consistent for Science, Maths, English, General Knowledge, Computer, and Social Studies exams for students from class 1 to class 10.
  • The number of questions varies for students in different grades. For classes 1 to 4, there are 35 questions, including 20 subjective questions, 10 logical reasoning questions, and 5 high-order thinking questions, with each question carrying 1 mark. For classes 5 to 10, there are 50 questions, including 35 subjective questions, 10 logical reasoning questions, and 5 high-order thinking questions, with each question carrying 1 mark.
  • The table below provides further details on the allocation of marks:

For Class 1 to 5

SectionsSection 1SubjectiveSection 2LogicalSection 3Hot’sTotal
No. of Questions2010535
Marks Per Questions111 
Total Marks2010535

For Class 5 to 10

SectionsSection 1SubjectiveSection 2LogicalSection 3Hot’sTotal
No. of Questions3510550
Marks Per Questions111 
Total Marks3510550

Dates And Deadlines For Application 

The last date to register for the Olympiad exam for 2022-23 is mentioned below:

  • Individual Students and schools can register before the last date to enroll for this academic year.
  LAST DATE FOR SCHOOL REGISTRATION (Online Olympiad Exam)30th November 2022
  •  ANNUAL OLYMPIAD EXAM ROUND 1 date (Individual Student Registration)

Schools selecting the Online Mode of Exam will have the exam as per the below Online Exam Schedule. The school needs to select one slot for all the participating students. Round 1: Annual Olympiad Exam is conducted in 2 slots for Round 1. Students can select the slot of their choice. Once the slot is selected it can not be changed.

ICO – International Computer OlympiadClass 1 to 1005th Dec 202209th Jan 2023ITO Mobile App
  NSSO – National Social Studies OlympiadClass 1 to 1006th Dec 202210th Jan 2023ITO Mobile App
  GKIO – General Knowledge International OlympiadClass 1 to 1007th Dec 202211th Jan 2023ITO Mobile App
  EIO – English International OlympiadClass 1 to 1008th Dec 202212th Jan 2023ITO Mobile App
  ISO – International Science OlympiadClass 1 to 1009th Dec 202213th Jan 2023ITO Mobile App
  IMO – International Maths OlympiadClass 1 to 1010th Dec 202214th Jan 2023ITO Mobile App
  NESO – National Essay OlympiadClass 1 to 1012th Dec 202216th Jan 2023ITO Website
  IDO – International Drawing OlympiadClass 1 to 1013th Dec 202217th Jan 2023ITO Website
  • ANNUAL OLYMPIAD EXAM ROUND 1 date (School Registration)

ROUND 1: Offline Annual Olympiad Exam is conducted in respective schools. Students registered through the school need to appear for the exams as per the schedule mentioned below.

  ISO – International Science OlympiadClass 1 to 1028th Nov 2022Monday
  IMO – International Maths OlympiadClass 1 to 1029th Nov 2022Tuesday
  EIO – English International OlympiadClass 1 to 1030th Nov 2022Wednesday
  GKIO – General Knowledge International OlympiadClass 1 to 1001st Dec 2022Thursday
  ICO – International Computer Olympiad  Class 1 to 1002nd Dec 2022Friday
  IDO – International Drawing OlympiadClass 1 to 1003rd Dec 2022Saturday
  NESO – National Essay OlympiadClass 1 to 1005th Dec 2022Monday
  NSSO – National Social Studies OlympiadClass 1 to 1006th Dec 2022Tuesday

Students appearing for Online Monthly Olympiad Test can refer to the below dates.

APRIL04.04.2022 – Monday09.04.2022 – Saturday16.04.2022 – Saturday23.04.2022 – Saturday
MAY07.05.2022 – Saturday14.05.2022 – Saturday21.05.2022 – Saturday28.05.2022 – Saturday
JUNE04.06.2022 – Saturday11.06.2022 – Saturday18.06.2022 – Saturday25.06.2022 – Saturday
JULY02.07.2022 – Saturday09.07.2022 – Saturday16.07.2022 – Saturday23.07.2022 – Saturday
AUGUST06.08.2022 – Saturday13.08.2022 – Saturday20.08.2022 – Saturday27.08.2022 – Saturday
SEPTEMBER03.09.2022 – Saturday16.09.2022 – Friday17.09.2022 – Saturday24.09.2022 – Saturday
OCTOBER01.10.2022 – Saturday08.10.2022 – Saturday15.10.2022 – Saturday22.10.2022 – Saturday
NOVEMBER05.11.2022 – Saturday12.11.2022 – Saturday19.11.2022 – Saturday26.11.2022 – Saturday
DECEMBER02.12.2022 – Friday03.12.2022 – Saturday23.12.2022 – Friday24.12.2022 – Saturday
JANUARY06.01.2023 – Friday07.01.2023 – Saturday27.01.2023 – Friday28.01.2023 – Saturday
FEBRUARY04.02.2023 – Saturday11.02.2023 – Saturday17.02.2023 – Friday25.02.2023 – Saturday
MARCH04.03.2023 – Saturday11.03.2023 – Saturday18.03.2023 – Saturday25.03.2023 – Saturday
  • Class 11 And 12 Exam Dates
  PhysicsClass 11 and 1213th February 2023Monday
  ChemistryClass 11 and 1214th February 2023Tuesday
  MathematicsClass 11 and 1215th February 2023Wednesday
  BiologyClass 11 and 1216th February 2023Thursday

Application Fee

  • Students Participating Individually 

Students who are interested to participate individually can register themselves by filling the registration form. Students can pick any number of subjects of their choice. While doing the registration, students can also opt for the study materials and the monthly Olympiads tests. The Olympiad Individual Registration Fee for Class 1 to Class 10 for the students who want to participate individually is mentioned below:

  ISO – International Science Olympiad  Rs.200
  IMO – International Maths Olympiad  Rs.200
  EIO – English International Olympiad  Rs.200
  GKIO – General Knowledge International Olympiad  Rs.200
  ICO – International Computer Olympiad  Rs.200
  IDO – International Drawing Olympiad  Rs.200
  NESO – National Essay Olympiad   Rs.200
  NSSO – National Social Studies Olympiad  Rs.200
  • Students Participating Through School 

Students enrolling through the school for Indian Talent Olympiad Exams can register at their respective schools by selecting any number of subjects of their choice. The participation fee is to be paid to the in-charge teacher. Olympiad School Registration Fee for Class 1 to Class 10 is as per the table mentioned below:

  ISO – International Science OlympiadRs.150Rs. 25Rs. 125
  IMO – International Mathematics OlympiadRs.150Rs. 25Rs. 125
  EIO – English International OlympiadRs.150Rs. 25Rs. 125
  GKIO – General Knowledge International OlympiadRs.150Rs. 25Rs. 125
  ICO – International Computer OlympiadRs.150Rs. 25Rs. 125
  IDO – International Drawing OlympiadRs.150Rs. 25Rs. 125
  NESO – National Essay OlympiadRs.150Rs. 25Rs. 125
  NSSO – National Social Studies OlympiadRs.150Rs. 25Rs. 125
  • Students selected for the 2nd Round and who wish to appear for the 2nd round can need to pay Rs. 100 as a participation fee for the 2nd Round.
  • To In-Charge Teacher

A participation fee of Rs.150 per student for each exam has to be collected by the school to meet the cost of the examination. The school will retain Rs. 25 per student per Indian Talent Olympiad exam for the expense of the exam. The completely filled Registration Form, Student List, and Exam Fees (DD) should reach Indian Talent’s office on or before 10th September 2022 by ‘Registered Post’ or ‘Courier’.

Mode of Payment
  • The concerned school has to send the consolidated amount collected from the students Rs.125 per student per Subject to the Indian Talent Olympiad Account vide Demand Draft in favor of “INDIAN TALENT” payable at MUMBAI OR
  • Schools can also register & make payments online by visiting the website OR
  • Schools may also transfer the consolidated amount collected from the students using NEFT/RTGS/CASH DEPOSIT and mention the transaction details in the Registration Form and send it along with the Student List to our office address.
Bank Details For Fund Transfer Using RTGS/NEFT
    • CURRENT A/C NO: 37954301997
    • IFSC CODE: SBIN0004234
    • CURRENT A/C NO: 195605000273
    • IFSC CODE: ICIC0001956
    • CURRENT A/C NO: 60314823513
    • MUMBAI
    • IFSC CODE: MAHB0000397
    • CURRENT A/C NO: 0117201006130
    • IFSC CODE: CNRB0000117 

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How to Apply for Indian Talent Olympiad 2023?

  • Visit the official website of the Indian Talent Olympiad or the relevant organization conducting the Olympiad exam.
  • Look for the ‘Registration’ or ‘Apply Now’ link on the homepage and click on it.
Indian Talent Olympiad Registration
Indian Talent Olympiad Registration
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will need to choose the Olympiad exam you wish to apply for.
  • Next, select your class and the medium of the exam (English or Hindi).
  • Fill in your personal details such as your name, date of birth, gender, and contact details.
  • Next, provide details of your school, including the name, address, and affiliation board.
  • After filling in the school details, select the mode of payment for the exam fee. You can choose from various options like credit/debit cards, net banking, or other online payment modes.
  • After selecting the mode of payment, pay the exam fee through the online portal.
  • Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation message or email with your registration details.
  • You can then download the admit card from the website using your registration details.
  • Print the admit card and keep it safe until the exam day.
  • On the day of the exam, carry the admit card along with a valid ID proof to the exam center.
  • Also send the Registration Form, Student List, and DD To Our Office Address Given Below:
    • ADDRESS: No.1106, Kailas Corporate Lounge, Veer Savarkar Marg, Powai- Vikhroli Link Road, Vikhroli (West), Mumbai-400079
    • OFFICE TIMINGS: Monday to Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm      WEBSITE:

Documents Required 

There is a list of documents that are required in order to successfully fill out the application form for the talent Olympiad conducted by the organization. The students can check out the major information about documents that are needed to be submitted with the application form from the pointers given below and prepare themselves accordingly:

  • Identification documents: This may include a passport, driver’s license, or any other government-issued ID card.
  • Proof of address: This could be a utility bill or a bank statement that confirms your current address.
  • Educational certificates and transcripts: This may include certificates of completion for courses or degrees or transcripts of academic records.
  • Employment history: This may include a resume or CV, or documents that detail your employment history, such as letters of reference or work contracts.
  • Financial information: This may include bank statements, tax returns, or pay stubs that show proof of income or financial status.
  • Medical records: This may include health certificates, vaccination records, or medical reports.
  • Legal documents: This may include court orders, marriage certificates, divorce papers, or immigration documents.

Benefits of Participating in Indian Talent Olympiad

The Indian Talent Olympiad not only offers services to schools, but also includes awards for principals, headmasters, and in-charge teachers. The program also provides additional benefits to students, which can be viewed in detail. Every participating school and student is given an online login, enabling them to download their results. Registered schools will receive SMS alerts for important events. The top 100 performing schools from each state will receive the “Golden School Award”, while in-charge teachers from top-performing schools will be recognized with the “Inspiring Teacher Award”. Headmasters or principals of top-performing schools will receive the “Motivating Head Master/Principal Award”. Students who have received scholarships in the past 4 years are exempt from exam fees in their respective subjects, and those who take any 3 exams will receive free registration for the 4th exam of their choice.

Preparation Tips for Indian Talent Olympiad

There are a lot of tips through which the students will be able to prepare for the Olympiad that is about to take place and it is important that you must consider the steps and tricks so that you can get good marks in the Olympiad. Check out some of the important tips and tricks are given below in order to prepare for the Olympiad:

  • Syllabus and pattern: Understand the syllabus and pattern of Indian Talent Olympiad exams. For classes 1 to 4, the paper has 35 questions for 50 marks. Classes 5 to 10, it has 50 questions divided into two sections – one on academic fundamentals and the other on logical reasoning, problem-solving, and analytical skills.
  • Difficulty level: The difficulty level of the questions varies for each class and is designed to test the student’s knowledge, ability, and reasoning capacity. The exams will also include questions on logical reasoning and problem-solving to test students’ analytical and reasoning skills.
  • Relevant books: Students should refer to their school board’s coursebook and can also order Indian Talent Olympiad workbooks, study apps, reasoning books, and previous year’s question papers.
  • Practice papers: Solving sample papers and previous year’s question papers can help students understand the pattern and difficulty level of the exams. These can be found on the Indian Talent Olympiad’s website.

Participating in the Indian Talent Olympiad 2023 will not only provide recognition for students, teachers, and schools but also help students develop their knowledge, reasoning, and analytical skills. Students can apply for the scholarships and the Olympiad so that they can get the opportunity to explore different options available to them!

Contact Details
  • Phone Number: 022-25170711 / 022-25170811
  • Mobile Number: +91-9987930600 / +91-9987621382
  • WhatsApp: +91-9987621382
  • Email Address:
Indian Talent Olympiad 2023 FAQs 
What syllabus is covered in the Indian Talent Olympiad?

The Indian Talent Olympiad covers the syllabus of the State Board, International board, ICSE & CBSE boards for students from classes 1 – 10. Students have to refer to their specific board patterns, Olympiad books provided by Indian Talent Olympiad along with the previous year’s question paper sets available on their website.

What is the qualification to take the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination?

Interested students from classes 1 – 10 can participate in all subjects for the Olympiad exams. There are no other eligibility criteria. Newly introduced Kindergarten exams for LGK/ UKG i.e. Jr. Kg & for Drawing and Handwriting subjects.

How to Register to Take the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination?

Interested schools can register online by visiting the Indian Talent Olympiad website or offline by filling out the registration form downloaded from the website. The Indian Talent Olympiad In-charge Teacher has to fill out the registration form & enrolls the student names as per the guidelines given in the brochure/prospectus. Filled registration form & student enrollment details must be sent to Indian Talent Olympiad’s office in Mumbai on or before the last date of registration.

In what pattern is the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination conducted?

The Indian Talent Olympiad Examination is conducted in MCQ format for every class from 1st to 10th. The exam duration is 65 minutes. There are two sections in each question paper for every class. Section 1 consists of MCQs related to respective subjects to test the understanding of fundamentals at each level, and Section 2 consists of MCQs related to logical reasoning, problem-solving skills & analytical skills.

What are the Participation Fees for the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination?

The participation fee for the Indian Talent Olympiad Examination is Rs. 150 per student per subject, and the school has to retain Rs. 25 per student per subject as organization expenses (supervision charges included) from Kindergarten to Class 10th.

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