New Futures Fellowship 2023: Apply Online, Eligibility, Last Date & Benefits

If you want to utilize your summer or work on innovative solutions to the climate crisis. And if you are an undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral student with either rigorous academic resource skills or cutting-edge, digital design, video production, media pitching, or another creative communication talent. Then you have an opportunity under which you can work with peers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to apply your research and communication skills to real-world problems. So, New Futures Fellowship is accepting applications from anywhere in the world for a three-month online Fellowship that melds rigorous research with advocacy, to create new approaches to sustainability. This article will provide each and every detail about the New Future Fellowship, its eligibility criteria, objectives, benefits, application procedure, and much more.

New Future Fellowship
New Futures Fellowship

What Is New Futures Fellowship 2023?

New future Fellowship for young people who are at the forefront of climate activism, with urgent demands for decision-makers to move fast and decisively. The movement for climate justice needs everyone to get involved and to keep Building New pathways to progress. The fellowship is an opportunity to do this. The fellowship brings together Researchers and Advocates from different disciplines, countries, and backgrounds to share their ideas, expertise, and commitments to change. This year’s themes of health, the music industry, and the Web offer opportunities to formulate practical ways forward to real-world problems. In each of these areas, Fellowship teams will work collaboratively to select a focus that is grounded in concrete evidence and potential to accelerate change. 

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Key Highlights of New Futures Fellowship 

Name of FellowshipNew Future Fellowship 2023
Themes under fellowshipHealth, Music, and Web3
ObjectiveResearch and Action to Solve the climate crisis
Benefits$1000 Stipend
Eligibility criteriaResearchers and Advocates
Last dateUpdated Soon
Official websiteNew Futures

Objective of New Futures Fellowship 

The main objective of the New Future Fellowship is to do some Research and Action to solve the climate crisis. The progress is too slow to address the scale of the crisis and focus on the people who bear the most devastating effect of climate change. The movement for climate justice needs everyone to get involved to keep building new pathways to progress. This New Future Fellowship will provide an opportunity where Researchers and Advocates to be brought together to innovate some ideas or show their expertise and commitment to the changing climate crisis.

Benefits of New Futures Fellowship 

Under New Future Fellowship the fellows will get a $1000 stipend.

SPI can also offer documentation for academic or internship credit if relevant.

Fellowship Themes for 2023: Health, Music, and Web3

Climate + Health

Health and well-being are inextricably connected to the climate crisis. Rooted in Sustainable Development Goal 3, this fellowship group will focus on an aspect of this connection. Areas of interest may include climate-related: bodily harm and diseases, mental health and eco-anxiety, unequal access to health services, oral health, health education, or any other health-related topic relevant to the interests of the fellowship group. This research is meant to result in advocacy-based recommendations and human rights-respecting solutions to climate-change-driven health issues.

Climate + Music

The music entertainment industry is a microcosm of the climate crisis. It touches many of the human contributions to climate change: travel, construction, energy, production, and communication. However, for many people, listening to music is an emotional experience, a mode of escape from the problems of everyday life. This fellowship group will focus on one or more areas of the music industry, proposing solutions for federal or local policy, venue policy, recommendations for artists and fans, and/or any number of innovative, equitable solutions.

Climate + Web3

Potentially tackling approaches to decentralized finance, art production, NFTs, and/or the metaverse, this fellowship group will research an aspect of how our digital future will interact with climate change, the existential threat of our time, and propose potential U.S. federal policy solutions that will address both climate and community impact. 

Eligibility Criteria 
  • The fellowship is open for undergraduate and graduate students who are currently enrolled in a degree program or entered a degree program by January 2023.
  • For the Climate and Health theme and the Climate and Music theme, fellows can be citizens of or located in any country in the world. The Web3 theme is limited to US residents or citizens.
  • All Fellowship activities will be fully online, and followers must have regular internet access to Participate. Fellowship activities will be in English and fellows must be able to work and write fluently in English.
  • Research and Advocacy follow may come from any field of study including natural and physical science, social science, arts, and humanities. For the advocacy fellowship, applicants are welcome from but limits to majors in communication, journalism, marketing, Public relations, or similar fields.
Important Dates
  • The last date for registration under New Future Fellowship is Update Soon.
  • The shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview in mid-April.
  • Fellowship Dates: Update Soon.

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Application Procedure for New Futures Fellowship 2023

Application Procedure for New Future Fellowship
New Futures Fellowship Official Website
  • The home page will appear on the screen where you scroll down to click on the link to Apply Now.
Apply Now
Apply Now
  • The application page will have a screen where you have to enter your details such as:
    • Full name
    • Phone number
    • Country of citizenship
    • The current level of education
    • What academic institution are you
    • A major area of focus
    • Expected degree completion date, etc.
  • After filling in your details and submitting the required documents click on the submit button for the final submission of the application form.

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