NSP Payment Sanctioned But Not Received 2024: Check Process to Fix It

NSP payment sanction but not received is the update that is seen by the student who has not received the payment in their bank account. The students who have submitted their online application can check if they have submitted the information correctly. Students can fill out the application form for the NSP scholarship by visiting the official website. You can also check the NSP payment sanction but not receive the status by visiting the official website. Check out more information about NSP Payment Sanctioned But Not Received 2024 by the article given below.

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NSP Payment Sanctioned But Not Received
NSP Payment Sanctioned But Not Received

What i understand about National Scholarship Portal?

The National Scholarship Portal is started under the mission of the National eGovernance Plan. This scholarship portal will provide you with various scholarships according to different classes and criteria. Students from class 1st standard to Post graduation level all are eligible for this scholarship available under the NSP scholarship programme. The NSP Scholarship will include State, Central, UGC and AICTE scholarships. The NSP Scholarship portal will offer a Simplified, Mission-Oriented, Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent system for better and simple scholarship disbursement. The portal will transfer the beneficiary student’s scholarship fund directly into their bank account which will be linked with their Aadhar card, via the direct benefit transfer method. Students don’t need to visit multiple official websites to do their registration under the specific scholarship programme, you simply do your registration via the NSP portal without any error. 

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Objective of NSP Scholarship Amount

The National Scholarship Portal provides different scholarship programmes for students who belong to economically weak societies and due to the unavailability of money are not able to continue their studies. To help these meritorious students the NSP programme is launched. Now, the amount of scholarship received by students will depend on the type of scholarship they have applied for. This scholarship will help these students to fulfil their educational expenses and other needs. The literacy rate of the country will also improve as every student gets an opportunity to go to school and complete their education. The scholarship amount will be offered to students from class 1st to 12th standard and Graduation to Post graduation. 

What is the Reasons of NSP Payment Sanctioned But Not Received

The reason behind the NSP Payment Sanctioned But Not Received, will be many. In this post we will give you an idea about what are the consequences you will see during receiving the scholarship payment:

  • Improper Documentation: The reason behind the delay in payment would be, you did not provide the proper documents needed for the scholarship fund. This is a very crucial mistake done by the students, where they do not provide all the enlisted documents.
  • Incorrect Application Form: Sometimes students by mistake provide some incorrect information in their application form which ultimately causes the pending payment of their scholarship payment. 
  • Mistaken Bank Details: Sometimes during the filling of the application form students make mistakes in filling in their bank accounts details such as Any incorrect numerical of their account number, Wrong IFSC Code, incorrect bank name or much more. All these will cause errors in your scholarship payment. And in some cases, students don’t realise their mistakes.
  • Slow down Verification Process: Slow verification problems will also happen in some cases where all your information is correct but due to some problem the NSP takes more than usual to verify the application form and proceed it further. To overcome this situation you just need to wait for more days. 
  • Technical Error: NSP is a digital error which may show some error which is a normal thing for an internet device. In this case, you have to inform about this error to the concerned authority.
  • Insufficient Fund: The NSP account sometimes runs out of funds, and the consequences of this will be suffered by the students who are waiting for their scholarship funds. 

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Process to Solve the NSP Payment Sanctioned But Money Not Received Issue

To resolve the issue of NSP Payment Sanctioned But Money Not Received, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Improper Documentation: At the time of filling out the application form for the NSP scholarship, students are required to upload all the necessary documents asked in it. And you have to double-check all the documents before submission. 
  • Incorrect Application Form: Multiple times it will be seen that students put some incorrect information on their form, so it is advisable for all the students to recheck their application form before submission to delay any mistakes.
  • Mistaken Bank Details: During the process of filling in bank details, students must tally their bank account number, IFSC Code, and other details. If your account details are wrong then maybe your money will be transferred into another account.
  • Visit your Bank: Students can visit their bank to check their account data for the scholarship payment.
  • Connect to the NSP Office: Students can also take help from the concerned authority of NSP by informing them about their problems. They will surely give you some solutions.
  • Regular check on the payment status: You need to do a regular checkup on your payment status portal to stay updated. Sometimes the payment will be reflected in the account after 5-6 days. 

Contact Details

If any of the students suffer from misconception then please connect to the concerned authority given below:

  • For any technical queries, please contact Helpdesk at  helpdesk[at]nsp[dot]gov[dot]in or  0120 – 6619540
  • (from 8 AM to 8 PM on all days, excluding holidays)
 NSP Payment Sanctioned But Not Received 2024 FAQs
Why is it happening that my payment will be sectioned but not shown in my bank account?

The reasons are many, sometimes it will happen due to incorrect documentation or bank account details.

My scholarship payment will be still showing in the pending state. What will I do?

It may happen due to the pending verification of your application form by the NSP.

In how many days will payment be sectioned in my bank account?

The scholarship payment will be shown in your bank account after 2-3 weeks. And sometimes more than that. So you have to wait a bit longer.

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