SOF Olympiad 2024: Application Process, Eligibility and Exam Schedule

The SOF Olympiad 2024 is a competitive examination that will be conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation for students who want to check the level of education that they are getting. The candidates can participate in the Olympiad in different subjects including Science, Mathematics, Computer Education, English, Social Studies, and General Knowledge. The Olympiad is a very precious competitive examination that is conducted for students who are permanent residents of India and people from outside the country who can also participate in this particular Olympiad. The Olympiad is available in more than 50 countries and the main development goal of this Olympiad is to promote scientific and competitive spirit among school children. This is also a platform through which these students can showcase their talent and win cash prizes.

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SOF Olympiad

Importance of SOF Olympiad 2024

The SOF Olympiad 2024 is conducted in order to promote academic excellence and to help students understand the importance of competitive exams in India. The students who will be participating in this program will be able to showcase their talent and their knowledge to a large number of people. The students will be able to win cash prizes that will motivate them to study harder. The students will be able to participate in different types of olympiads conducted by the organization and when they have got good marks in the Olympiad then they will be provided with prizes that will allow them to overcome their shortcomings. The students will be able to work on problem-solving and analytical skills it can be beneficial for their future.

About SOF Foundation 

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) is a non-profit organization that provides a lot of opportunities to people including the opportunity to become well-known individuals in the future. The main objective of the development of this Foundation was to promote competitive exams among school children so that they can learn the importance of getting good marks in a competitive exam. The students will be working on their time management skills and the students will get a proper reward after they have good marks in the Olympiad. The organization has been working towards the development of a better society for the last 25 years and the organization is dedicated in order to encouraging a scientific attitude. People can participate in olympiads from all around the world and get good marks.

National Science Olympiad (NSO)- The National Science Olympiad (NSO) is an annual competition held in India to promote scientific reasoning among students. It covers a wide range of topics, such as physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science, among others. Students can benefit from participating in the NSO by improving their scientific knowledge and analytical skills.

National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)- The National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) is designed to assess students’ comprehension of computer technology. It tests their knowledge of software, hardware, networking, and cybersecurity. The NCO presents an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their understanding of computer technology and enhance their analytical skills.

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)- The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is a globally recognized competition that brings together students from around the world. The exam covers various mathematical topics, including algebra, geometry, number theory, and combinatorics. Participating in the IMO allows students to engage with peers who share their interests, challenge themselves, and gain exposure to advanced mathematical concepts.

International English Olympiad (IEO)- The International English Olympiad (IEO) is a global competition that evaluates students’ proficiency in the English language. The exam assesses students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills, among other things. By participating in the IEO, students can develop their English language skills, expand their vocabulary, and enhance their critical thinking abilities.

International Company Secretaries Olympiad (ICSO)- The International Company Secretaries Olympiad (ICSO) is a competition for students who are interested in business and finance. It covers topics such as corporate law, finance, and accounting. Participating in the ICSO provides students with a better understanding of the complexities of the business world and helps them develop their analytical and problem-solving skills.

International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)- The International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) is a competition that tests students’ general knowledge across a range of topics, including history, geography, science, and literature. Participating in the IGKO allows students to expand their understanding of the world around them and develop their critical thinking skills.

SOF Exam Schedule

The candidates can check out the exam schedule that will be eligible for the Science Olympiad presented by the organisation of SOF from the pointers given below:

Exam NameClasses EligibleLevelExam Dates
SOF National Cyber Olympiad (SOF NCO)1 to 101Nov 24, 2022; Dec 20, 2022
SOF National Science Olympiad (SOF NSO)1 to 121Oct 18, 2022; Nov 3, 2022; Dec 1, 2022
SOF International Mathematics Olympiad1 to 121Nov 10, 2022; Nov 22, 2022; Dec 13, 2022
SOF International English Olympiad (SOF IEO)1 to 121Sept 22, 2022; Oct 14, 2022; Nov 1, 2022
SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad (SOF IGKO)1 to 101Sept 15, 2022; Oct 11, 2022
SOF International Commerce Olympiad (SOF ICO)11 & 121Dec 22, 2022; Jan 24, 2023
SOF International Social Studies Olympiad (SOF ISSO)3 to 101Dec 22, 2022; Jan 24, 2023
SOF International English Olympiad (SOF IEO)3 to 122To be announced by Jan 2023
SOF National Science Olympiad (SOF NSO)3 to 122To be announced by Jan 2023
SOF International Mathematics Olympiad (SOF IMO)3 to 122To be announced by Jan 2023

SOF Eligibility Criteria 

The applicant must follow the following eligibility criteria in order to successfully apply for the different olympiads available for different students:

OlympiadNameEligible Classes
NCONational Cyber Olympiad1 to 10
NSONational Science Olympiad1 to 12
IMOInternational Mathematics Olympiad1 to 12
IEOInternational English Olympiad1 to 12
IGKOInternational General Knowledge Olympiad1 to 10
ICOInternational Commerce Olympiad11 and 12
ISSOInternational Social Studies Olympiad3 to 10

Awards Details

The following awards will be provided to the people who will get good marks in the olympiads presented by the organisation:

OlympiadPrize (INR)MedalCertificate
NSOUp to 50,000GoldCertificate of Outstanding Performance
NCOUp to 50,000GoldCertificate of Outstanding Performance
IMOUp to 50,000GoldCertificate of Outstanding Performance
IEOUp to 50,000GoldCertificate of Outstanding Performance
ICSOUp to 1,00,000GoldCertificate of Outstanding Performance
IGKOUp to 50,000GoldCertificate of Outstanding Performance

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Online Application Process

To successfully apply for the Olympiad, the applicant must follow the application procedure outlined below:

  • Registered schools will receive a prospectus containing registration forms. If a school is not registered, they can request a prospectus by emailing or calling SOF.
  • Schools need to complete the registration forms and submit them to SOF by the due date. The coordinating teacher should fill out the School Registration Form (SRF) and Students’ Registration Sheet (SRS) and send them to SOF’s office before the due date.
  • SOF will register the applicant’s school and students and generate roll numbers. Any school can be registered as a centre for SOF NCO, and no fee is required to become a registered examination centre. A minimum of 5 students need to be registered from each school for SOF NCO.
  • The Olympiad is conducted on two dates, and schools can select a date that is convenient for them. Students must register through their respective schools only, and individual registrations are not accepted.
  • Schools in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Nepal are required to pay a registration fee of Rs 125 per student/Olympiad towards the cost of the examination. Schools may charge an additional Rs 25 per student towards other expenses.
  • Students with major physical disabilities or Indian students whose parent was martyred during defense operations are exempt from paying the fee.

Contact Details 

  • SCIENCE OLYMPIAD FOUNDATION: 1st Floor, Plot no. 99, Sector – 44, Gurugram (Haryana) India. Pin- 122003
  • Landline No: 0124-4951200 Mobile: 9312680855, 9312680857
  • Regd Office: 406, Taj Apartment, Ring Road, Adjacent Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, India. Pin – 110029
SOF Olympiad 2024 Olympiad FAQs
What do you mean by SOF Olympiad 2024?

The SOF Olympiad 2024 is a national competitive exam that is conducted for school children in order to promote academic excellence and to help students understand competitive exams on a personal level.

What are the subjects included in the SOF Olympiad 2024?

The SOF Olympiad 2024 covers Science, Mathematics, Computer Education, English, Social Studies, and General Knowledge. Apply for any of these subjects from the official website.

What are the eligibility criteria for the SOF Olympiad 2024?

To apply for SOF Olympiad 2024, the applicant must be studying in a particular school. There are no specific eligibility criteria.

How to apply for the SOF Olympiad 2024?

Students can register for the SOF Olympiad 2024 through their school or by registering online on the Science Olympiad Foundation’s official website.

What is the format of the SOF Olympiad 2024?

The SOF Olympiad 2024 consists of multiple rounds of testing and assessments, which may include objective-type questions, multiple-choice questions, and descriptive questions.

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